A safe place for people who identify as trans*masculine to come vent about the problems we may face in day to day life. Please drop your ideas for posts in our ask or submit box and we'll get them through asap :) We would also be more than happy to answer any questions or offer advice to anyone who needs it. This blog is checked and hopefully updated daily, run by a sixteen year old trans*man named Nate. He is very friendly, and would love to hear from you!
penta-sauce said: Hi I'm Ftm Gay Trans and I have really short hair but not allot of African American guys have hair like at all and My parents would never let me cut my hair and I can't really see myself without it.I wear beanies allot but I live in a hot area. I don't know what to do :< please help

This is quite a tough spot. I would say keep trying to convince your parents. Tell them you’d like to change your hair, try it out a different way, and let them keep in mind that if it’s really that bad, “it can always grow back” even if you don’t intend to let it.

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Anonymous said: Are you a ftm?

Yes, I am, as has been mentioned a few times on this blog. I am pre-everything but out publicly.

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Anonymous said: Breast cancer runs in my family, and I could, realistically, get a pre-emptive mastectomy just in case. I would be happy to just have top surgery, but I don't know if it's a better idea to have the procedure done specifically to reduce my chances of cancer. Because there is reconstruction of the remaining tissue into a male chest, is top surgery less likey to get all the breast cells? Are there any transguys out there who've had mastectomies, specifically for this reason? Advice, please? Thnx.

This is a very good question, one that you should bring up with your doctor because I really don’t feel qualified to give you a direct answer.

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Anonymous said: Hey! What do most trans* men do about locker rooms in high school once they're out? Or, what's usually the best situation to aim for? I feel like either will make me uncomfortable, and I feel the same about bathrooms. :/

That’s always a tough question to answer. much like bathrooms, some schools would be accommodating to this and allow you to use a washroom to change. Others, unfortunately, will not. It’s not likely that you’d be allowed to use a men’s change room in high school for safety reasons. The best bet is to bring up the topic with your school councillor.

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Anonymous said: For the trans buddies do you have to be on pre t or already through a transition to become one or can you just be starting out as well ?

The only requirement for the trans*buddies network is that you want to make friends! Being trans* is a great plus because having people to relate to is wonderful, but supporters are welcome too! We’re looking for people at all stages of transition and even questioning. Everyone is welcome, don’t be shy!

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Hey guys,

Just a quick message in regards to the trans*buddies page. When we say short message, we really do mean short. We’ve had a few people send us long paragraphs verging on life stories While we love to ear from and about you, anything more than 5 or so lines really clutters up the page and some just don’t fit at all.

We’re trying to shorten up the messages to fit, so please don’t be too offended if your message ends up very condensed. Feel free to send in a rewrite if you feel we haven’t done a good job shortening it!